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Lawn Watering Schedule and Calculator

Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Hydrated and Healthy

Do you know how often you need to water your lawn for optimal results? Or how much water your lawn needs on a weekly basis? Do you have the tools to measure how much water your lawn has received? If not, we can help! Access Weed Man’s watering guide below and develop an irrigation plan that’s right for your turf. 

Watering Calculator 
Your lawn requires a minimum of 1 to 1.5 inches of water weekly in order to achieve strong, healthy roots. Depending on the soil type present, this equates to watering about twice per week when regular rainfall is available to supplement your irrigation practices. More frequent watering is needed under drought conditions. If you aren’t sure how much water your lawn is receiving, place a tuna can on your lawn to gauge rainfall and sprinkler levels. 

Keep in mind that deep, infrequent watering is better than several light sprinklings. You want the water to reach the plant’s root zone – not pool at the surface of the lawn. 

Watering Schedule 
Early morning is the best time to water your lawn. Mid-day watering during hot, dry weather can waste water, since much of the moisture evaporates. Evening watering, on the other hand, promotes prolonged leaf wetness and encourages the spread of many turf diseases.

How Can I Tell if My Lawn is Suffering from Drought?
The symptoms of drought begin with a dark silvery tinged grass blade. At this point your footprints become clearly visible within the lawn’s structure, as the grass will not bounce back after you walk on it. If action is not taken at this time, the grass plants will turn a straw color. If you see any signs of drought, Weed Man advises you to water immediately, regardless of the time of day. 

What Happens to My Lawn After Long Periods of Drought?
Dormancy is one of the mechanisms nature has developed to help plants survive drought conditions. Summer dormancy occurs in a lawn when grasses are exposed to an extended period of heat and lack of moisture. This causes the lawn to temporarily stop growing. When the lawn becomes dormant the leaves and stems of the plants turn brown as the crowns and buds stop growing. The lawn appears to be dead or dying.

Will it Recover?
Do not panic! When the weather changes and cooler temperatures arrive along with adequate moisture, the grass will usually begin to grow again. With proper care the lawn will return to a healthy state. It is important to remember that permanent damage can begin to occur if the lawn goes more than 4 weeks without adequate water. In this case the dead areas would have to be raked out and reseeded. If you have a watering ban in your area, water when you can. One quarter of the recommended water will keep the crowns of the grass alive until nature helps out.

If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like more information about proper watering practices, contact your local Weed Man professional. 
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